Dear Politicians. Less clapping more action!

As a support worker I am truly grateful and humbled by the support shown by communities and celebrities alike up and down the country. 

It is truly a very humbling and emotional moment every Thursday night and I can say that on behalf of my colleagues, other keyworkers and myself.. 


It is truly amazing to be appreciated for what has only just recently been branded an unskilled job.

The levels of support shown for our NHS and other keyworkers has been absolutely incredible and we cannot thank you enough. 

But in respect to our politicians standing on the doorstep applauding. We need action, not applause! We need you to pay us what we truly deserve. 

We struggle financially, often working back to back shifts with no overtime rates, to try and make ends meet with the spiralling costs of living. 

Hasn’t the pandemic of Coronavirus shown you all that our time is worth much more. 

You have repeatedly blocked pay rises for nurses, even cheering as a result. You have cut the funds for Social Care. Cut police numbers and pushed emergency services to extremes.

Creating a crisis that was evident before the pandemic. Perhaps to push yours or your backers own private agendas? You have sustained budget cut after budget cut on our NHS. 

You have sat back and allowed those still stacking those shelves to be paid so little while Directors and share holders amass fortunes. 

You have been delighted and found uplifting the rise of food banks and their use where a lot of these key workers and nurses having worked long shifts have ended up.

And now when the chips are down instead of offering decent pay rises at the moment you need us all the most. 

You are awarding yourselves £10,000 for the inconvenience of not leaving the house, creating badges that cost more than a lot of carers actually make per hour whilst clapping on the doorstep. 

Please save yourselves the trouble . 

And actually act on our behalf!! 

We understand that the care crisis and covid 19 are serious problems that need addressing. 

We understand that the economy has taken a hit and will need regeneration. 

We understand that their is enormous costs associated with Care. But while trustees make a small fortune most carers don’t make £10 an hour. At least not delivering care safely. This should be at the very least £15 minimum.

We need changes to society at ground level. Work that actually provides security and monetary reward. We do not wish to This will not happen happen in someone’s off sure accounts or by the trickle down economy of trustees and Directors but by redistribution of wealth that according to your applause on a Thursday night.. We might actually earn?

If you truly want to help? Pay all keyworkers and NHS workers properly. They have stepped up will you? Sometimes you need to speculate to accumulate.

You as a government have a real opportunity to change the lives of millions of Brits. In this new world we now find ourselves in.

Sometimes an app won’t fix the mess.

If you in need of an innovative idea? That with the right measures in place will drive down the cost of social care and reduce pressure on our NHS and 999 services. Reducing the Carbon footprint of social care, reducing the impact of Covid19 and Protecting the vulnerable as a result.

They are already propping up social care and without their unseen efforts the NHS would be sunk!

Changing the lives of millions of heroic altruistic people and boosting local economies 

Look no further! .

Pay unpaid or informal carers 

Please sign and share

On behalf of the Nursing, Caring and keyworkers in our communities.

Please please please do your jobs and make it financially beneficial for us to do ours.

3 thoughts on “Dear Politicians. Less clapping more action!

  1. Support workers do a lot more than auxiliary staff and training nurses

    Should have more pay per hour
    As administer order destroy Mar charts etc
    Buccal madazlam etc administration

    Time they was recognised for job they do
    In supporting hospital staff on their clients admission as how to support them as they only get very limited training on autism dementia learning disability adults etc children

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