I urge our Ministers and the leaders of this World to be heroes.

Who am I? I’m a nobody. If it wasn’t for friends and family I would just be a statistic. Starved out by the system that I also have paid into.

I’m just an every man.

No one exceptional. Just a nobody who looked after my mum to the best of my ability. A nobody who after 7 years of caring in what at times could be considered extreme circumstances still battles to this day with mental health issues that could be described as ptsd. A nobody plunged into poverty despite my mum selling her house for her care. And myself Providing most of it one way or another.

Just a nobody that never got to take a break from the relentless merry go round we called life who would love nothing more than to get away from it all and just breath.  just a nobody with nothing to gain from trying to prevent what is happening to myself, happening to anyone else. A nobody that has been at the receiving end of cuts, poor policies, the negative side of zero hours cuts and in quite a surprising way austerity which actually ended up involving the last prime minister and minister for employment at the time.?

Ministers keep saying that action on Brexit is the most important that our country is facing, this is not the case. The impending environmental disaster and the rising social care crisis is!

Are we going to take difficult decisions like halting the roll out HS2

Are we going to prevent those manufacturers who are responsible for pollution from selling their products to British Consumers. Until they take immediate steps to clean up the pollution that they have caused?

Paying Unpaid carers an allowance equivalent to a fulltime job at the National Living wage would make it affordable for for family members to look after their own which will directly help both of these. Protecting our loved ones whilst reducing the carbon footprint of social care itself!

I have nothing to gain. I am no longer a carer. I no longer have a family or someone who cares for me. But what I have witnessed and experienced genuinely scares me and unless you are a multi multi millionaire this should scare you too.

If the system does not improve I’ve seen enough to prefer to eject!

Paying unpaid carers is just part of the solution. Lifting the financial burden and stress from some very hard working, tired individuals that as a rule have daily routines that are quite unimaginable! Saving the tax payer Hundreds of Thousands a year! We spend so much money fixing people and finding cures but no thought has been given to what to do after?

Our planet and every species that inhabits it is now under threat because of the actions of mankind and from the inaction of our politicians and those few that have profited massively from the exploitation of it’s natural resources, and the local communities that have provided cheap labour and their own very health and the health of the environment that they call home.

When you have legend’s of our time such as Sir David Attenborough with nothing to gain saying that we have ten years left before irreversible damage. Ministers responding with a thirty year plan is no longer good enough!

Only a few months ago the very beautiful, talented and fearless Stacey Dooley, did a report uncovering the destruction and pollution caused by the fashion industry by some of it’s biggest brands. Yet representatives from those chains will not comment and our own environment minister failed to meet with her. This is no longer good enough!

I ask the ministers are we now going to take tough action now? Not just yet another tax on the poor but finally do the unthinkable and tax the rich. Get them to put right and clean up the environmental damage that has been a casualty of their success?

Remove all clothing and products from the shelves until at least clean up is under way?

Perhaps even do unthinkable and on occasion tell a billionaire no? Call a halt to Hs2 instead improve our existing infrastructure. Stop those involved with a commercial space race from operating any company in the British empire

Improve our solar panels and wind farms.  Instead of covering our landscape and fields. So less is more.

And perhaps even think about alternatives to the battery powered electric car until we figure out what we are going to do with Billions of batteries and how on earth everyone is going to charge them?

You can use your position and this opportunity for the betterment of others. Taking example from our very own Prince William and Prince Harry. Speaking out for veterans and Mental Health. Legends like Nick Knowles and the DIY sos team and Hollywood legends like Seth Rogen, To name a few. Just people who have used their position to help others in one way or another .

We need to address these problems now, today.

We need those who have benefited substantially to be responsible for any damage caused as a result.

These problems believe it or not in this country go hand in hand. If we make care whenever possible, person centered care this can all be achieved. With measures in place to support the unpaid carer to do their job.

If we get the very foundations of social care right, the benefits will be felt not only in society but throughout all aspects of the care and public sector including the Emergency services and the NHS.

What an unpaid carer does is altruistic. Putting themselves and their own wealth, health and well-being second to provide the best possible care possible for the betterment of the loved ones that they care for.

They go above and beyond providing physio, personal care, nutrition, Companionship.

This in turn prevents sores, infections, falls. Preventing calls being made to the emergency services and admittance into Hospital for falls, sores and infections that could have been avoided if their loved ones could afford to care.

I often hear statements like “we agree whole heartedly, but how can we afford to do this?”

But the answer is this will in a very short time be a noticeable difference that will be felt throughout. I believe it will actually end up saving money, creating some order to the Chaos.

And the simplest of answers is. How can we afford not to?  One in four of us will go on to develop Dementia of some kind , 1 in 2 of us will develop Cancer.

Life Changing incidents and accidents happen daily! Life is fragile. If we have hundreds of millions to pay a company to lie, cheat and disprove the integrity of the disabled in this country, and we have a billion to buy support for a political party or fifty million for ferry crossings on ships that don’t exist then there is obviously money that instead of being misspent could be used for the betterment of those that are unpaid carers and the loved ones they support. Dragging them and their family members out of poverty.

Money that probably would be spent locally, boosting the local economy. Providing at least financial peace of mind. This could also be made for pensioners to provide an income in their retirement instead of working in b&q if one of them is in need of care and support.

As for child carers, perhaps a trust fund could be set up to pay for further education or a little help to start life.

There are so many injustices happening in our country and throughout the social and care sector. In this day and age for reasons un unbeknownst to myself? Good people working hard to take care of your loved ones are working on or below the minimum wage. Nurses working all hour’s doing what is an extremely difficult and stressful job are queueing at food banks, veterans with ptsd are being let down on their return from fighting for Queen and Country are living on our streets. Carers are working all hours to either rush from job to job, getting those that they are sent to care for to get up showered and dressed at break neck speed or risk living in poverty.

Carers in Private Nursing homes generally getting paid next to nothing to do what is a heart breaking job.

Unpaid carers covering the cracks of the flaws in the system are living below the poverty line.

Big Business and privatisation is not the answer! This has been tested and has epically failed.

An App is not the answer! Robots using more resources and power to end isolation is nothing more than supplying a trip hazard which is bound to break down to underline the fact that they are alone. This is not the answer

Cutting community services is not the answer!

Carers coming in three or four times a day is detrimental for those with dementia.

Nursing homes might miss the little things and have the constraints of health and safety. Stopping someone from walking if they are at risk from falling. Is not the answer.

Especially when that is maybe one of the few little wins that person may have in a day

Caring is a long, hard, relentless battle against a disease, situation, or condition which has little pockets of magic and wins speckled throughout!

My mum walked up until 5 months before her death after 22 years of having huntingtons Disease before the state took her off her feet without ever having her assessed by people who weren’t involved because she no longer qualified for a physio assessment.

She gave up eating after that and openly told me that she was killing herself.

Despite this, she inspired the letter which led to the petition and a science paper and presentation written by the love of my life and my now ex fiancée which won her awards and a little notoriety. Thanks to her hard work and mum’s determination they made them rethink what they knew about Huntington’s Disease. Someone whom I have no doubt  with her warmth, empathy, and relentless thirst for knowledge will be instrumental in finding the cure for dementia during her illustrious Career in Medicine. I know my mum loved her very much

As I said I am nobody, just a former unpaid carer trying to help others.

There is nothing revolutionary about what I’m proposing. It has all come about from writing a letter about my experience as a carer for my mum and the feedback from that which led my ex partner, soulmate and inspiration to launch the first petition.

This is now the third and I continue to fight for her, for my mum and for those 5.7 million unpaid carers out there The overworked and un-paid Carers and those heroes who work for the emergency services and the NHS to this day.

Paying Unpaid carers along with other measures in place would be building a proper foundation in our Social care system and the benefits would be felt throughout. Which in turn would mean less use of resources, waste and the carbon footprint of social care itself. If you have a moment please sign and share. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/234864

Who am I? I’m just a nobody.

I urge ministers themselves to be heroes. To use their influence and power to make decisions that make sense for the betterment of the people, the planet and all its inhabitants both here and abroad. To get those elite who have enough money to throw 100s of millions at an old undoubtedly insured building belonging to one of the richest establishments on earth to be responsible for the clean up. To return good health, and well-being to many, Not just the few and in turn help save our planet. Yes there is a possibility that some may lose everything? But fear not! They would always be welcome in the queue of one of those apparently popular and ever so uplifting food banks scattered throughout our former first world country.

Our very future and the future of our planet is now in your hands..


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