Dear Boris

Dear Boris

We live in unprecedented times where yet again health and inequality are at the forefront of politics.

We saw a world built on the premise of a trickle down economy, leaving vast numbers globally in abject poverty, but when actually put to the test. That trickle almost immediately ran dry?

We have had the unlikely duo of @piersmorgan and @susannareid100 on @gmtv championing the cause for the vulnerable in the Care homes and some of the poorest in our community and we now all exist two metres apart.

Politicians, including yourself standing in doorways clapping. The biggest Black lives matter movement for equality seen in recent times which hopefully will bring positive change.

Those who are in the Care Sector across the UK, many of whom are BAME often live in or just above the poverty line. We don’t need badges or medals. Just quality of life and respected for the job that we do!

So I find myself writing to your yourself and your Cabinet that branded those in the Care Industry ‘Unskilled’ Many of whom are BAME

I am offering assistance and choosing to assume that you and your advisors are out of touch when it comes to these matters and perhaps have no experience, or just simply don’t know about the vast inequality, and poverty felt by the very people you have been clapping for, created by successive governments. Perhaps you just don’t know how much of a struggle life can really be?

I’m a Support Worker currently shielding as a result of the pandemic, overwhelmed by the generosity and support shown by your government and other local organisations who are trying to keep me safe for which I will forever be grateful for!

I am also a former unpaid carer who in response of the growing care crisis, has spent the last four years petitioning for unpaid carers to be paid.

Not because I am paid to do so but because it will work!

Reducing pressure on our incredible NHS and other emergency services and making it affordable for family and friends to look after loved one’s.

This sir could truly be the future of Social Care?

There’s 7.6 million Carers in the Uk

They are all leading daily lives that would honestly leave you in aw and bewilderment of how they manage to get through a day? 

These unsung heroes largely left isolated by the Pandemic , never stop, never quit! Usually putting their own health and wellbeing second to deliver the best possible Care to the individuals that they are Caring for.

Often having a skill set that spans multiple professional fields whilst being held just as accountable

Put into positions that have been brought by illness, accident or vulnerability of a loved one and by the relentless cut’s by the government.

Especially now in this ‘new normal’ you have been asking for new innovative solutions to reshape the Country and drive the economy forward. Well sir this is it.


Yes this will cost. But you might just start seeing results and serious savings elsewhere?

 What is the cost of the current failing system and how much is that truly costing other services? How much is it costing the economy when police, paramedics and the NHS when the most vulnerable in our Society are overlooked and neglected and often have to attend A&E for often unavoidable accident’s.

 How much is it costing if someone has a simple fall and goes unnoticed?

Or someone through isolation and loneliness repeatedly calls the Paramedics to respond, just so they can share a cup of tea and have a conversation?

How much is it costing with the bed blocking and home closures with the most vulnerable having no place to go?

More importantly this could be a measure that keeps the most vulnerable in our society safe from Covid19 itself?

Person centred Care is the best type of Care possible and what could be more person centred than being cared for by family members like our new national hero!

Sir Captain Tom whose incredible efforts for the NHS may not have been possible had he been placed in a nursing home if it hadn’t been for the love and devotion of his daughter?  but as it stands being an unpaid carer comes with a serious financial consequence.

Just passing the debt and poverty down a generation , sometimes two?  Maybe even denying the nation of the sharpest mind’s of tomorrow? 

Paying unpaid carers would provide peace of mind and could also be a meaningful measure to kick start the economy. Changing lives and boosting the high street in a Domino affect.

The crisis has been in the news repeatedly through the last few years.  

With documentaries being filmed by the talented @rosskemp

Unpaid carers hold the key to Pandora’s box with first hand knowledge of what support might just work for them and their loved ones.

. If you assembled a team to meet with these incredible people. 

Armed with a recording device and a laptop, just asking the right questions?

With the right support and measures put in the right place on an individual basis, we could see an end to the national disgrace that is the care crisis.

The side affects of paying them and meeting their needs could possibly save the NHS serious money and boost the high street and the economy.

This is also the greener solution to the Care crisis. Cutting down on the carbon footprint of Care. A move that will benefit future generations!

So much weight is given to the qualifications of professional care but the truth of the matter is.

We are not born Carer’s

It is a skill developed overtime by doing.

Some may be born more caring than others, but we are certainly not born with the skills that some Caring situations may require. Caring for a person’s needs, just like politics is always evolving and that cannot be learnt with an app or on a computer.

As for professional carers, on behalf of all my colleagues I personally would have to work 78 hours a week , every week to earn less than half of what a member of Parliament earns. 

With no scheduled breaks.

No overtime rate and no Sick Pay

Is this fair?

The vast majority of my colleagues are BAME. Possibly because they are more caring or possibly because the wages are so low that British people find it more distasteful or unsustainable to work in the Industry for any length of time?

With people marching in the streets and clapping on their doorsteps. I believe raising the pay to that of a ‘skilled worker’ Set by your own government, would be supported widely and would go a long way to ease some of the inequality felt by so many. 

 More importantly this would provide more longevity in the industry and continuity in Care saving money on training and ultimately benefitting the amazing vulnerable people that we Care for.

As unprofessional as we may be considered? We train, learn,adapt, administer medication, take those we Care for out in the community. Building Life skills and sometimes achieve astonishing results.

We provide daily health and incident reports, we can be and are attacked and assaulted without fighting back and in return for all this we have been branded unskilled. Live in poverty and often find ourselves either having to work a 78 hour week or stand in line at one of those ‘uplifting food bank’s’ 

We are paid less than someone reading a script over the phone for an insurance company? Is this fair?

We are ultimately responsible for the welfare of those we look after and can find ourselves in court or in prison should serious harm or death occurs as a result of our actions, or inactions.

We are not knighted for it.

With the nation looking at you Sir to deliver a meaningful change that will kick start the economy, finally protect and ring fence the vulnerable and perhaps go some way towards reducing inequality and showing those that carers and the vulnerable truly do matter. 

Pay us Carer’s, support workers and other keyworkers £25,000 a year for a 39 hour week. Reinstate overtime and Sick Pay 

As I have stated before I am counted as vulnerable and am shielding due to underlying health conditions but I will no doubt return. So my ticket Sir might already be stamped?

And although I am truly grateful that should I contact Covid19 at work? In the event of my death it is comforting to know that the love of my life and her two amazing kid’s will receive £60,000 to possibly transform their lives or perhaps put the kids through college?

But why is it that because I work in the Care industry I cannot provide for them whilst I am alive? 

Millions if not billions have been wasted to vilify the poor and the vulnerable in recent years but just looking at it another way you will see the amount of employment and revenue created because of these individuals including the Pharmaceutical industry and it’s billionaires that wouldn’t exist without.

Be the best Prime Minister there ever was!

Show the unpaid carers, Carers, Support Workers and other key workers and the BAME community how grateful you truly are and how you are addressing inequality in our once great society

You have pegged yourself as a Man of the people. You have found 50 billion for Hs2

Sir I implore you. Reward those people you have been clapping for with financial security and peace of mind with a long overdue pay increase.

Please act now!

If the efforts of my colleagues in the Care industry and the care you received meant anything to you?

Pay us all what we truly deserve, show that you too believe Black Lives Matter and kick start the economy at the very same time

Pay unpaid carers


Aa a former unpaid (or informal) carer for my mum who had Huntingtons Disease. 

I started the petition to pay unpaid carers with the help of a truly inspirational human being to whom I will forever be indebted. 

In response to the lack of action taken by successive governments and my experience the growing care crisis, the cuts to cost and the impact that had on myself and my mother. 

And what could truly be achieved with on the job experience, the right care in place and a little love and empathy!

For years, if not decades now, because of cuts and measures brought in by Government our County Councils have been struggling to cut the costs of Social Care whilst trying to deliver a service to the most vulnerable in our society. 

As a result of this, the most vulnerable in our society have born the brunt of those costs and isolation, neglect and loneliness have often been the result. 

Carers on the front line doing their upmost to cope with the demands of a system under pressure with very little time allocated to be able to just stop and chat and 

provde a little warmth to an often isolated world. 

County Councils so hard pressed that some of the most vulnerable in Society fell through the cracks. 

As a result of diminishing services unpaid carers numbers have been on the rise. 

Truly altruistic people who could not let that happen to their loved ones. 

Extremely capable human beings who with the odds stacked against them rose to the challenge and will not quit! 

These incredible people are the motivation for petitioning. They show every day that the impossible can be achieved! They do not clock off! They adapt, change and Macgyver their way through each and every day. Often facing extreme hardships and adversity to overcome any obstacles and challenges that they and their loved ones may face. Focusing on the little wins in an often exhausting day. 

These unpaid carers, the unsung hero’s of our health care system, are the rising collateral damage of cuts. They do not do this for money but for love. But because of this many now struggle financially.

An added stress on top of what is already a stressful life. Leading to Ill health, money worries and sometimes bankruptcy. 

This petition with a few measures in place could cut the costs of social care and could change the lives of the most vulnerable in our society. 

This could relieve at least a little of the stress on these hero’s. Open the possibility or choice to others struggling to work and juggle caring for loved ones And most importantly! Protect the vulnerable in our communities. 

Why should you listen to me? Because I have no agenda and nothing to gain by asking you to please sign and share.

VE Day

As we celebrate and commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day. We should pause and reflect on the sacrifices made by such an incredible generation!

A generation that despite their own fears, united together for the freedoms we all enjoy today

A generation with quite remarkable stories to tell of bravery, community and sacrifice.  Producing plucky characters like the incredible #CaptainTom who has won the hearts and minds of the nation to raise money for the heroes of today!

A generation that live with the lowest pension rates in Europe. That due to cuts have been left largely neglected, forgotten, abandoned to struggle alone. 

A generation that has felt every cut to social care that successive governments could muster. 

Often stripped of their savings and assets to cover the costs of growing old! 

A generation much like the carers who look after them forced to live in poverty through no fault of their own.. 

A generation living in one room of their home during winter.. Unable to afford to heat the rest. 

A generation that now is fighting another battle against covid 19 with the heroes caring for them in nursing homes!

Some being cared for and looked after at home by 7.6 million unseen, unheard, overlooked and unpaid family carers. 

I wonder what they truly think when they look at the state of our country today? As yet again they find themselves with all those involved in looking after them on the front line against Covid19.

Will our government continue to clap? 

Or will our government finally put right what successive governments have got wrong. 

Will they give these incredible people the pensions that they deserve?

 Will our government finally provide much better pay and conditions for those that care for them? 

Will our government truly recognise and value the roll of the unpaid carer. 

In the light of if this pandemic with the biggest fight now being fought in care homes. 

Wouldn’t you rather keep these hero’s, your loved ones at home?

Pay unpaid carers.. Make it affordable to keep your loved ones at home! 

Please sign and share

Dear Politicians. Less clapping more action!

As a support worker I am truly grateful and humbled by the support shown by communities and celebrities alike up and down the country. 

It is truly a very humbling and emotional moment every Thursday night and I can say that on behalf of my colleagues, other keyworkers and myself.. 


It is truly amazing to be appreciated for what has only just recently been branded an unskilled job.

The levels of support shown for our NHS and other keyworkers has been absolutely incredible and we cannot thank you enough. 

But in respect to our politicians standing on the doorstep applauding. We need action, not applause! We need you to pay us what we truly deserve. 

We struggle financially, often working back to back shifts with no overtime rates, to try and make ends meet with the spiralling costs of living. 

Hasn’t the pandemic of Coronavirus shown you all that our time is worth much more. 

You have repeatedly blocked pay rises for nurses, even cheering as a result. You have cut the funds for Social Care. Cut police numbers and pushed emergency services to extremes.

Creating a crisis that was evident before the pandemic. Perhaps to push yours or your backers own private agendas? You have sustained budget cut after budget cut on our NHS. 

You have sat back and allowed those still stacking those shelves to be paid so little while Directors and share holders amass fortunes. 

You have been delighted and found uplifting the rise of food banks and their use where a lot of these key workers and nurses having worked long shifts have ended up.

And now when the chips are down instead of offering decent pay rises at the moment you need us all the most. 

You are awarding yourselves £10,000 for the inconvenience of not leaving the house, creating badges that cost more than a lot of carers actually make per hour whilst clapping on the doorstep. 

Please save yourselves the trouble . 

And actually act on our behalf!! 

We understand that the care crisis and covid 19 are serious problems that need addressing. 

We understand that the economy has taken a hit and will need regeneration. 

We understand that their is enormous costs associated with Care. But while trustees make a small fortune most carers don’t make £10 an hour. At least not delivering care safely. This should be at the very least £15 minimum.

We need changes to society at ground level. Work that actually provides security and monetary reward. We do not wish to This will not happen happen in someone’s off sure accounts or by the trickle down economy of trustees and Directors but by redistribution of wealth that according to your applause on a Thursday night.. We might actually earn?

If you truly want to help? Pay all keyworkers and NHS workers properly. They have stepped up will you? Sometimes you need to speculate to accumulate.

You as a government have a real opportunity to change the lives of millions of Brits. In this new world we now find ourselves in.

Sometimes an app won’t fix the mess.

If you in need of an innovative idea? That with the right measures in place will drive down the cost of social care and reduce pressure on our NHS and 999 services. Reducing the Carbon footprint of social care, reducing the impact of Covid19 and Protecting the vulnerable as a result.

They are already propping up social care and without their unseen efforts the NHS would be sunk!

Changing the lives of millions of heroic altruistic people and boosting local economies 

Look no further! .

Pay unpaid or informal carers 

Please sign and share

On behalf of the Nursing, Caring and keyworkers in our communities.

Please please please do your jobs and make it financially beneficial for us to do ours.


Why should you care?

Look around you! Put aside race, religion, colour or creed. Sexual orientation or whatever we as human beings use to separate, segregate ourselves and others. We are all human!

One in four of us are likely to develop dementia. 1 in 2 of us will most likely develop a cancer of some kind

Some are born with disabilities, others may gain a disability along the way?

Life unfortunately is fragile,life changing accidents and incidents frequently occur and in spite of all the breakthroughs in science. We are only here for a limited time.

And as harsh as it may sound? What is the point of spending Billions on cures if we haven’t sorted out what happens to people who find themselves in the position of needing some kind of care?

The population is growing globally and we now have an ageing population that are as a result, quite often ill and infirm for longer.

This really is something that affects us all.

And whilst we have elected officials, working towards their own agendas and pleasing the few instead of thinking of and for the betterment of those that they were supposed to be representing, this will sadly continue.

We have so many wonderful, empathic human Beings! Doctors, Nurses, Carer’s, Paramedics, Police working hard to make a difference, being pushed to and past their limits for very low pay. Asking these hero’s to put themselves in harms way! Going above and beyond, facing difficult and stressful situations and sometimes dangerous situations Knowing backup may not be forthcoming!

Trying to paper over the cracks of a system that’s Flawed. A system in turmoil. Quite often being forced to work around the clock in what are stressful vocations, and for some there they are not even able to afford to live and have to join the queue at a food bank on their way home. whilst on the flip side we have 100s of millions being wasted and given to private companies.

Some of whom provide Ill informed and often fraudulent assessments to undermine the decisions and diagnosis that have been made by respected health professionals for the DWP

Successive cuts that undermine the health services, impacting directly on the mental health of the health practitioners. Forcing good people to leave their jobs for their own wellbeing. Bringing the social care crisis to the doorstep of family members. Our government seems more interested in political manoeuvring than sorting out the real issues that face us today!

Unpaid or informal Carers are on the rise, a roll that successive governments apparently recognise. A role that saves 100,000s a year.

There are four types of people in this world.

Those that have been Carer’s,

Those that are currently Carer’s

Those that will be Carer’s

And those that will need Carer’s

This is a role that is sadly so undervalued in society. Something that really reflects the dog eat dog culture of big business. Zero hour contracts. Little value put on the hard work, skills and dedication that these people provide, by the government’s own design not making enough to be considered professional.

So that the rest of society will not value their worth either!

The absence of which, not surprisingly! Causes a shortfall of people either able or willing to do the job. This leaves vulnerable people, isolated alone and at the mercy of time and fate. Prone to accidents, illness, malnutrition and infection.

Paying Unpaid or informal Carers would prevent this. Making it a more affordable option to care for loved ones. It wouldn’t be so popular with big business. Putting the money back into the hands of struggling families to be spent locally instead of shareholders of private health care companies.

We marked the D’day Landings this week and rightly so. But what about those left behind?

Quite possibly involved in the war effort too, or maybe their children. Badly let down by successive Governments.

Governments with absolute disconnect from their constituents. Able to afford to purchase political favour but unable to address the needs of those they were elected to represent.

When a loved one requires care, a decision has to be made.

Whatever outcome? The decision carries with it, regrets, hurt, anger and guilt.

Should you decide to get in Carer’s and extra help? This can be very expensive. Can often lead to other problems and on occasion, sadly abuse.

Should you decide to try and work and pop in when you can? This can be incredibly stressful and exhausting.

Should you decide to walk away for whatever reason? This can lead to stress, anger or guilt.

Should you decide to stay? Then this will lead to an eye opening world of chaos, heart ache and poverty.

No decision is the wrong decision. But if there really is no other option. Becoming an unpaid carer plunges you into a World of Conflict with an overcomplicated, over stretched system. A world of Poverty. A world of isolation.

Stretched to breaking point and unable to leave, stop, hand in your notice and or go home.

A world where you grieve on a daily basis, sometimes for years on end.

Unpaid carers provide Physiotherapy, Companionship, administration, personal care, nutrition, recreation and a sense of well-being.

Providing a shoulder to cry on. Someone to call for reassurance. Just plain and simple human contact.

I was an unpaid carer for my mum for 7 years!

I can honestly vouch for the fact it is truly a struggle. Working 24/7 7 days a week rarely ever getting the chance to take a break!

Daily I would face verbal and sometimes physical abuse. Often isolated I would have emotional breakdowns  almost on a daily basis. If we ever did have carers in. The good ones burned out and the bad ones were either not fit for purpose or a no show!

So I would cover for them whilst some firm somewhere was making money from a job I was doing.

if I did get time off I would have to stay within 25 mins response time and never really had money to do anything anyway.

If it hadn’t been for someone truly special I quite honestly wouldn’t have made it.

A world that in the absence of the publication of the Green paper, we can safely say. Our Government doesn’t Care about.

Why should you Care?

Because worldwide there appears to be a growing care crisis! These are your loved ones and the elected leaders of this World have failed to show that they do?

Why should you care, because it would appear they don’t? Please sign and share

This is the result of isolating the population!

Our local elections candidates especially in the governing party suffered huge losses today.

I personally believe that this is not just about the Brexit / Remain issue that has been going on since members of the Brexit Campaign stepped off the misleading bus.

A blinkered determination to please the richest in our society, adding to the failing to deliver on the questionable results of the Brexit Campaign? Have made the local elections more of a Barometer of the feeling in this country towards the politicians responsible for creating the mess!

I believe it is because that it is because the politicians have alienated the British voters. Taking their trust and support and almost mocking them with the measures you have put in place and the ongoing cuts that have been made. Have made the local elections more of a Barometer of the feeling in this country towards the politicians responsible for creating the mess!

Brexit has become more of an embarrassment and a sideline to more pressing issues that are facing this country.

Rising amounts of food banks and the use of is not a measure of success in a first world country. Cuts to Welfare, social care, schools, the NHS. The rollout of Universal Credit that is allegedly responsible for Thousands of Deaths.

Altered fitness assessments. Low wages, the rise in homelessness. The attack on the disabled and their entitlements. To me this is not a measure of any sort of outstanding leadership.

Millions if not Billions have been wasted on Brexit, faking assessment results trying to disprove illness and blinkerdly trying to get people back in to work! Which has been largely detrimental to those who it has affected. Nurses are queueing at food banks. Teachers are buying stationary I could continue


It’s like our politicians have developed tunnel vision, and either don’t care or are unable to see the absolute disaster that they have created.

They say that they have made difficult decisions at a very difficult time. That Austerity is a necessary measure and that we must all play our part.

But unlike the majority of the electorate in the UK they haven’t missed a payrise, they haven’t gone without. They have not aligned themselves with the majority in the UK.

Maybe if they had or they did there would be more tolerance of what has been taking place. I have been petitioning for carers for the past year and a half.

A petition that would help millions. A petition that would protect the vulnerable in our community. A petition that would reduce pressure on our Emergency Services. A petition that would reduce pressure on our NHS, and a petition that would make it affordable for us, the regular folk in Britain to take care of our own.

Please sign and scroll down on the petition to see share options

Living life in a glass box

Caring for a loved one is one of the hardest things that you may ever have to do. Watching someone struggle or slowly disappear on a daily basis is all consuming!

People caring for their loved ones and covering the cracks in social care is on the increase. Doing most of the same job a nurse would do fifty years ago.

This is not something that is a personal choice or something that people aim for as is often suggested, it is far from the easy option. Walking out of the door and turning your back on it would quite often be easier. If the system wasn’t so riddled with problems and in continuity as Carers are acutely aware! Perhaps many would do so? I thought I would all the way through for 7 years.

My personal experience is with Caring for my Mother who had Huntingtons Disease. As much as it is hard it also can be incredibly rewarding at times.

The fleating moments of recognition, the little wins. “Those whitney moments”. Those little moments of magic in what are usually quite desperate times! The connections that you can make with amazing individuals be it professionals or other Carers that inspire you to continue

Most couldn’t possibly realise how much work actually goes in to being a carer on a daily or weekly basis. They don’t understand that just a simple trip to the Hospital could cause a four hour build up!

They generally don’t understand that a change to a routine or just something as simple as not having enough to drink can have serious consequences that can echo for days, if not weeks at a time!

They just assume as I myself wrongly did that the “Social Care Crisis” couldn’t possibly be as bad as they keep saying.

Caring is isolating. Carers don’t get alot of time to just unwind or see their friends, and with ‘Carers allowance’ Carers often live in poverty through no fault of their own, whilst saving the tax payer Hundreds of Thousands of pounds every year!

For me caring was like living life in a Glass box. Watching friends and family get on with their lives, build memories, families, Careers, future whilst often feel left behind. When the only moments you get to yourself are usually dominated by what you have been doing or what you will be doing.

I was lucky! I happened to not only accidentally meet, but fall deeply in love with someone truly magical. Someone who went above and beyond for myself and my mother! She even saved mum’s life. A true hero in the purest form! Someone who inspired and encouraged me to write about my experience as a Carer after mum passed and helped launch the first petition to ‘PAY UNPAID CARERS AN ALLOWANCE EQUIVALENT TO A FULLTIME JOB AT THE NATIONAL LIVING WAGE’

Someone I sadly let down in my dogged determination to try do the right thing for others and my own issues with mental health got in the way sadly! Hindsight is a wonderful thing and it will always be something that I will regret.

If you have a loved one either receiving agency care or in a home? An elderly or infirm friend struggling alone? Maybe you just want to spend less time in A&E or want to maximise the availability of 999 services. Please sign and share.

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What I’m trying to do has been described as altruistic?

Hi I’m Matt. I am really just a former unpaid carer for my mum who had Huntingtons Disease. My mother passed away three years ago. Since then after writing a large letter to the powers that be about my experience as her carer titled ‘A solution to the growing care crisis’ I have spent my time petitioning on behalf of other Carers.

I am no one particularly special, just someone that Austerity, NHS cuts, Social Services cuts, altered DWP fitness assessment for work has happened to. I’m not petitioning for notoriety or political gain. I Don’t have shares that influence my decisions. I am petitioning because it’s the truth!

There needs to be a radical rethink and restructure of the approach to Social care. What is happening in the UK and as I hear it across the world is quite unbelievable, it truly is. I wouldn’t have believed it myself!

But then one day you will find yourself in that position through no fault of your own and an entire world of world of disjointed, mismanaged, and disorganised approach to care opens up.

Too much money is being made from misery. It doesn’t have to be this way! It can be delivered straight into the hands of the people doing one of the toughest jobs that there is!

Elevating the financial burden of being a Carer. Opening up the opportunity to care for loved ones for others, who may want to but may not be in a position to.

Safeguarding the vulnerable in our community will help reduce the pressure on our Emergency Services and the NHS. Freeing up beds, paramedics and police who are often called out to cover for the failing social care.

These are or were peoples loved ones. People who on the whole have contributed to society who have paid taxes who have just either had the misfortune of getting old, injured, or were born disabled

It would also mean less pressure on residential homes, increasing quality over quantity, bringing costs down.

I admit that I am only human with many failings and I don’t have the education of many MP’s. I have hurt and lost those whom I love the most through my approach to the last petition. Thinking that If I pushed hard enough, just maybe I could make it a success?! They didn’t understand my motives and I didn’t explain myself clear enough. I wanted future generations to benefit from atleast one thing that has happened in the past decade. I am truly sorry that in my effort to make it a better world for all, I lost those closest to me!

Unfortunately I failed. This is now petition number three. Because of Brexit everything else seems to have been swept under the carpet?

Carers are not being represented. The green paper still hasn’t been published. Yet not once and three petitions later have I been approached by an Mp asking why I’m doing this and why this with other measures in place would work.

The Carers in the UK deserve better!

The Disabled and infirm in this country Deserve better!